Higher temperatures coming in hot.

Posted by Justin Shaw on Tue, Feb 21, 2017 @ 08:02 AM

happy_happy_2.jpgAfter a very mild winter, it looks like for at least a little while we're going to get some temperatures that are normally not here until mid April. I know the staff here at Darlington isn't complaining. 

With the warmer weather comes outdoor activities and chores. For those of us in the midwest, you never really know how long a burst of warm weather like this will last during this time of year, so here's how to take advantage of this next week of warm sunshine!

Get ready for REAL spring. It's optimistic to assume that the warm weather is here to stay, but especially for those of us in Indiana, we know that we'll probably have to deal with a few more cold days.  So with this short burst start prepping for the outside work you're definitely going to have to do very soon. Make sure your lawnmower, weed wacker, and trimming blades are all sharp and in working order. It also wouldn't hurt to climb on the roof and take a look in those gutters. Late fall/winter can leave behind a lot of gunk.

Time to bring out the grill and the baseball mits. I know where I'll be this saturday, outside grilling brats and burgers while playing some catch. Being outside and in the sun does wonders for your mental health, so be sure to get outside with some family and friends and take advantage of this nice weather.

Take a few minutes to take a deep breath. It's also important to make time for yourself if you're able. Even if it's just sitting on the porch with your morning coffee, take a few seconds to stop and just breathe. It's a great idea to start your day calm and relaxed. 

If you're looking for a snack to keep you energized while your outside enjoying the warm weather, try our Appleways Soft Oatmeal Bars, they're packed full of whole grains to keep you going, and not to mention, they're delicious!

Justin Shaw is a Marketing & Communications Associate for Darlington. 


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