Why you should weight train and not just do cardio.

Posted by Justin Shaw on Tue, Feb 14, 2017 @ 08:02 AM

weighttrainingbenefits.jpgWhen it comes to exercising and losing weight, everyone has their own idea of what will work best to get rid of that extra body fat. For some time, it has been commonly accepted that if you want to lose fat you do cardio, and if you want to gain muscle you do weight training. While cardio is important for your cardiovascular system, weight training will actually produce a higher caloric burn than straight cardio will.

Weight training has a lot of advantages over doing cardio. One of the biggest advantages weight training has is that it can increase your metabolic rate for 36 hours after your workout is over. With cardio, your burning may be 80 to 120 calories on your run, and that's it until you go running again. What weight training does is increases you BMR (base metabolic rate) so, when you're sitting on the couch watching television later that evening, your body is burning something like 70 calories instead of 60. 

Another edge weight training has over cardio is the building of lean muscle, which also increases your BMR. Lean muscle requires a lot more energy to operate than fat does, which means the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you're going to burn, which means you'll be able to keep off body fat easier.

While it's great to have that initial 36 hour boost in metabolism from working out, it's important to note that one workout will not help you very much in the long run. You will need to keep a consistent schedule, and if you can, you will definitely see much more positive results than if you were just doing cardio. 

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